Migrating from Subversion to Perforce


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Common reasons to move to Perforce
include requiring...

  • Better support for distributed teams
  • Powerful branching tools to support Agile and automated
    processes like CI
  • Better performance and response times with proven backup
    and HA/DR strategies

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Subversion to Perforce Conversion Tools and Articles

  • Migration Playbook: Subversion to Perforce
  • Subversion to Perforce Migration Planning Checklist
  • Tips for planning your migration strategy
  • Subversion Conversion Tool
  • Creating an SVN MD5 dump file from an SVN repository
  • Mapping Subversion Terms and Commands to Perforce
  • Incremental Conversion from Subversion to Perforce
  • Competitive Analysis: Perforce and Subversion
  • Article: Baseline and Branch Import (BBI) - A Migration Strategy
  • P4BBI - The Perforce Baseline and Branch Import Tool
  • Perforce for Subversion Users Guide

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