Modernize Your Version Control System in Days, Not Months

Migrate from ClearCase to Perforce Helix


Don’t Let Your Version Control
System Hold You Back

The once unwavering faith you had in ClearCase is gone. Your clunky version control system that only kind of works keeps you up at night. And now that IBM is no longer actively supporting ClearCase, you fear the outdated platform’s gradual decline into obsolescence will stifle innovation and wreak havoc on your entire team.

Perforce Helix is the only industrial-strength version control platform that supports both distributed and centralized workflows. Perforce Helix eliminates the complexity of large-scale, distributed product development—allowing you to build products faster, at scale, while protecting your valuable IP.

There’s more than one reason companies migrate from ClearCase to Perforce:


Perforce Helix is significantly faster at builds and file transfers. The number of files, file types, and their corresponding size pose no problem to Perforce Helix, the VCS leader in binary asset management.


Get simple, effective administration with access control down to the file level, and enable end-to-end traceability, not to mention faster builds, by storing everything — even build artifacts — in Perforce Helix.


Narrow and variably shallow clone to get the projects and files you need, remap content, and lock files on the central server to optimize productivity when connectivity is limited.

Thinking about making the switch? See how easy it is to migrate from ClearCase to Perforce Helix. We’ve put together a comprehensive planning kit to show you how to ensure a smooth, stress-free migration.

Download your kit today!

Set the ClearCase migration wheels in motion today! Get everything you need to plan your migration today, including:

ClearCase to Perforce
Migration Playbook

ClearCase Escape
Planning Webinar

ClearCase to Perforce
Migration Planning Guide

Mapping ClearCase Terms
and Commands to Perforce

ClearCase to Helix
Migration Planning Checklist

Baseline and Brach
Import Migration Strategy