Learn how to put databases into Perforce version control using integration technology for SQL Server provided by Red Gate.

See first-hand why database development benefits from Perforce tools: powerful history and visualization features, concurrent development, and integration with code review and other parts of the development toolchain.

Join Stephen Fernandez and Randy DeFauw in this 30-minute Real World Webinar as they demonstrate how Perforce enables:

  • Making updates to a Microsoft SQL Server database

  • Tracking, managing, and visualizing the history and lifecycle of database objects

  • Concurrent development using branching and merging tools

  • Taking advantage of code review tools once database objects are stored in Perforce

Smart Database Version Control with Perforce


Smart Database Version Control with Perforce
Stephen Fernandez, Senior Consultant at Perforce
Stephen has worked for the last 15 years in the software industry in a number of positions, all of them customer-facing. His experience includes a number of development tools, methodologies, and configuration management platforms. Project work has included process and application optimization, hands-on technical problem resolution, and methodology development and deployment.
Randy DeFauw, Technical Marketing Manager at Perforce Software
With over 7 years’ experience in software configuration management (plus a background in SEI/CMMI Level 5 software engineering practices), Randy has extensive experience with Perforce configuration, administration, and integrations, including using Perforce with ALM and Agile tools.