If you’re using Git at your company, you’ve probably seen the challenges this popular DVCS can create for projects that don’t fit neatly into a single Git repository.

A new product from Perforce, Git Fusion, removes the bottlenecks that come from using Git while also making the Git experience more productive for everyone—developers, release managers and administrators alike.

Watch our webinar to see how you can…

  • Flexibly create new Git repositories by combining elements from different projects
  • Bring greater visibility, IP security and compliance to Git repositories
  • Enable everyone in your organization to use Git just the way they want

We’ll also show a demonstration of Perforce Git Fusion in action!

Presented By:

Christopher Seiwald, CEO of Perforce Software

Christopher Seiwald founded Perforce Software in 1995, in response to unsatisfactory experiences with available SCM tools. As a developer, he knew the key to successful SCM was to create a system his fellow developers would want to use and still provide enough control to satisfy managers. Christopher has developed software for more than 25 years and is a respected expert on versioning. He remains actively involved in the direction of the company’s technology, and still finds time to make occasional contributions to the code base.

Charlie McLouth, Director of Technical Sales

Charlie has over 15 years of experience with technologies such as RDBMS, web applications, back office applications, and web services. He has held positions ranging from Developer to Product Manager before joining Perforce 5 years ago.

Improving the Git Experience
for Everyone

Git in the Enterprise (without compromise)