Switching For Success: Subversion Migration Stories

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Discover How 6 Companies Saved Time and Money Switching Off SVN

Download this eBook to learn about the productivity gains achieved by industry leaders after migrating off Subversion. Are your SVN developers and admins:

  • Spending time diagnosing merge conflicts?
  • Waiting around for SVN repository files?
  • Managing performance dips and unruly code bases?

Don't let Subversion tasks weigh you down. Move into the fast lane and start innovating with Helix Core.

"Commits, merges, force gets, you name it — in SVN, operations took 15 minutes instead of three with Helix Core.”– Drake Software
"We needed a system that would help us monitor asset changes and recover lost data without a lot of lost man-hours.” – Rooster Teeth
“Subversion support was just Google and tears. Helix support is awesome.”
– Hidden Path Entertainment