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Most development environments use Git in some capacity. After all, Git lets your developers work independently and experiment at will. But as your teams, projects, and files get bigger, Git gets slower. And it could hurt even the best team’s ability to ship on time.

Enter Helix4Git

Helix4Git is a new type of depot. It lets your developers keep the Git workflows and front-end tools they love. And it stores Git repos natively in a high-performance Helix Core server.

Helix4Git solves your Git scale and performance problems. And it helps you gain control of distributed, multi-repository projects. You can keep your existing front-end Git code management tools or use ours: Helix TeamHub.

Discover Helix TeamHub

Helix TeamHub is an intuitive Git code management solution that lets you store source code and artifacts in one project. What happens when you combine Helix TeamHub with Helix4Git? You get unprecedented performance, scale, and control over very complex CI/CD processes.

Register for a Live Demo of Git at Scale Solutions

In this quick, 20-minute demo, you’ll discover how to:

  • Add Helix4Git into your existing infrastructure and toolset.
  • Store Git repositories natively in Helix Core for better performance.
  • Achieve 40-80% faster builds from Git repos.
  • Move projects along faster with the freedom to add users or set fine-grained permissions without involving IT.
  • Increase efficiency and streamline collaboration with Helix TeamHub branch-based code review, Kanban boards, and project-based Wikis.
  • Speed up workflows with built-in, team level issue tracking, side-by-side diffs, code browsing, code comparison, code search, highlighting, and linking.

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