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Why Helix TeamHub for My Private Repo Hosting?

Unlimited Repositories. Unlimited Projects. Seamless Collaboration.

Multi-Repo Management

The only repository management solution to natively support Git, SVN, and Mercurial under one, intuitive platform.


Build Artifact Management

Store build artifacts with your source code in one simple tool. TeamHub supports Maven and Ivy build artifact repositories and Docker registries.

Seamless Collaboration

With branch-based code review, Kanban-style issue tracking, and a built-in Wiki, collaborating has never been easier.


Helix Team Hub has webhooks for over 75 of the most popular tools, including Slack, Jira, and Jenkins.

Flexible Developer Workflows

Helix TeamHub offers side-by-side diffs, commit history, code browsing, code comparison, code search, and much more.


Delegated User Management

Support for single sign-on (SSO). Project admins can quickly add users and set fine-grained permissions — independent of IT.

Resources to Get You Started

Helix TeamHub is easy to set up and even simpler to use, but if you have any questions, check out these resources.


Admin & User Guides

Don’t miss a beat with our comprehensive product documentation.


Knowledge Base

Find answers quick by searching our public knowledge base.

Ready to get started with Helix TeamHub?